Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beaches, bikinis, summer 2013 here we come!

It’s that time of year again; the sun is shinning, the tanning salons are booked, and the bikinis are coming out. The new and fabulous bikini trends hitting the beach in 2013 vary from classic to classy, with some sexy in between. Retro bikinis are making a comeback for 2013. This style includes high-rise bottoms, which are great for fuller body types and are also not as skimpy as our typical itsy bitsy, teeny weenie bikini. Floral swimwear is a trend that will never go out of style. These bikinis typically come in bright colors, different sized floral patterns, and various styles. Lingerie-like bikinis are a new trend that will be appearing on the beaches all around the world. Underwire tops, multiple straps that give off a bondage feel, sheer textiles, and one pieces with plunging neck lines and cutouts are all apart of this sexy style. The 80’s are also making a comeback with vibrant colors, zippered details, and scuba inspired styles. Now that you are dying to try all these new trends, some of you may be wondering which style is best for your figure. Luckily there is a style that suites all body types. If you have a triangle figure, which means smaller on top and bigger on the bottom like Rihanna, you should try patterns on top and solids on the bottom to visually balance your body. If you have a short torso cutouts lengthen the body and the retro trend is perfect for you because the high-waisted bottoms show off your legs. If you are on the taller side, however, ruffled bikinis take on an hourglass shape, which is ideal for you. I know you’re almost feeling bikini ready now, but the only think left is that perfect bikini body. Well, I may know some tricks to help with that. Drinking a lot of water before, on, and after the beach keeps your body flushed, full, and lean. Unfortunately, drinks you should stay away from are bubbly drinks, such as champagne and beer, which cause bloating. Even shutting your computer at night will allow you to walk around the house or do errands, which believe it or not, can take off a few pounds. Accessorizing is another great way to trick the eye and appear slender. If you’re shorter, wedges will give your legs a longer look. A drop necklace will show off you cleavage and cover-ups can show off your greatest assets, while hiding your others. So go to your nearest Bloomingdales, Victorias Secret, or Nastygal to buy these new bikini trends. And with all of these fabulous tips, I can't wait to see you all on the beach in your trendiest swimwear.

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