Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pumpkin is the New Bacon

“I’ll have a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. No, wait! Hold the bacon, I’ll have pumpkin sauce instead.” Well, maybe putting pumpkin sauce on your sandwich is a little bit extreme, but seasonal flavors of everything pumpkin is back and stronger than ever. Not only can one enjoy the nostalgic activities of pumpkin picking and carving, but also smell and taste the mouth watering flavors of pumpkin right within the city. Many local stores, harvest festivals, coffee shops, and even bars within the Philadelphia area trying all things pumpkin related. After much consideration and taste testing, we have narrowed down some of the best places to go and get your pumpkin on. If you are an adventurous person who is looking for a fun excursion out with friends or family or even by yourself where you can taste and buy some pumpkin goodies than the Reading Terminal Market is the place for you. There, you can enjoy picking out pumpkins, sipping on some hot cider, go on a hayride, and most importantly, devour some freshly baked pumpkin donuts as well as glazed, cinnamon sugar and cream filled donuts – just blogging about them makes my mouth water. A trip to the Reading Terminal Market is a must trip for the fall season, or any season at that. There is always something unique and exciting to do all year long. We have to say, we wish this pumpkin obsession would last for longer than one Fall season, since these pumpkins are way to fabulous. But, with pumpkin recipes galore, just because Fall is over doesn't mean you still can't eat our favorite treat.  

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