Friday, April 26, 2013

Stylish Pups

Think fashion only exists in the human world? Think again! In the doggy world, fashion is all about the high quality and making a statement. For the 2012-2013 season, leather accessories are taking over the dog world. With brands like Bark Jacobs, Chewy Vuitton, and Manolo Barknik on the market, it's clear pet fashion is taking on luxury labels

Dogs have a variety of garments to choose from, including bridal gowns and bathrobes that are made to fit four legs. What’s the most popular item to buy for your adorable pooch? That’s simple, tuxes are a perfect purchase where your money will be best spent. A simple tux can come in handy for plenty of occasions. Think birthday parties, holiday seasons, Valentine’s day, and even summer gatherings. This may be the one purchase you don’t want to miss out on. Ever think you’d be spending hundreds of dollars on your dogs? Well, designers know that celebs will push to get their dogs in the paparazzi spotlight. Henri Bendel, a major luxury fashion brand, started making a pup’s wardrobe line. Coming from Henri Bendel, it’s obviously not going to be cheap, with prices ringing in around $128 for the sweater. Your dog can stride in fashion, wearing all the best labels, just like their owner. Not only do these designers jump on the doggy trend, Coach also started their dog collection. Considering they were one of the first “big name” fashion labels to manufacture luxury dog accessories, they require to utmost detail and workmanship. The dog fashion is really starting to take over all luxury brands. It’s the next big thing to bring out your pooches personality. One last question, what will you have your dog in this season, Coach or Chewy Vuitton?

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