Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Passion for Pinterest

For those of you who don’t already know and love Pinterest, I am about to make you fall in love. Pinterest was started in 2010 and is an online tool for collecting and organizing things you love. The concept of a virtual pin-board where you can organize or "pin" your ideas and passions on different "boards" has blown up in the past year and half, making Pinterest one of the hottest addictions since Facebook. There are so many great things I love about this site, but one in particular is that it allows you to have different boards for various categories such as food, fashion, and travel. People can follow each other’s profiles to search their ideas, get inspired, and you can "re-pin" to your own boards. YOu can even follow your favorite celebrities or fashion designers, such as Marc Jacob's to see what they are "pinning". Pinterest makes incredible use of digital curation, which is an easy way to share content in one place. 

I also adore the ability of having “private” and “public” boards. Obviously I love to share my passion for fashion and all the delicious recipes I come across. However, some things are just meant to stay private, like my workout and love quotes board. Personally, I have a board for food, beauty products, fashion, and my favorite, the wedding page. Now ladies, if you are getting married or have a bestie who is planning a wedding I highly suggest logging onto a Pinterest wedding board right after you finish reading this post! Looking for cute cupcake ideas? If you type “cute cupcake ideas” into Pinterest, within 30 seconds your screen will be full of hundreds of adorable cupcake recipes; remember, Pinterest is a great way to quickly find whatever it is that you may searching for. If you need a cheap alternative to a makeup artist, Pinterest is the way to do it. You can literally find any makeup tutorial to create Lady Gaga looks to simple, everyday looks. “Do it Yourself” fashion is a popular phenomenon that has people crafting away. On Pinterest you can find tons of different DIY projects such as, Dip dying your hair to create an ombre, transferring photos onto t-shirts, and making men’s shirts into a cute women’s tops. Since Pinterest is free and available on phones, computers, and iPads go log on now, create a board, and start pinning away, or if you already have a Pinterest go find a new user to follow and get inspired.

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