Saturday, April 27, 2013


Men have feared the idea of pampering for years, believing that it lessens their masculinity.  However, a new term has been coined called “manscaping”.  Manscaping is a fine art form exclusive to men, entailing the continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene and strategic hair removal.  Ladies, get excited because it is finally acceptable for your man to be groomed in all the right places. Manscaping includes haircuts, shaving, and even waxing. For those men who don’t want to go to the salon some manscaping techniques can be done at home, such as tweezing your eyebrows or trimming those nether regions.

There are numerous salons that cater specifically to men and the idea of manscaping, however there is one in particular that I am dying to tell you about; a salon that goes above and beyond. Style of Man is a chain salon located in the Philadelphia area.  They have three locations in Center City, Manayunk, and Conshohocken and were voted Best of Philly in 2008 and have continued their path of excellence. Thanks to Style of Man, which offers a unique balance between barbershop techniques and salon style all you men can finally feel how great it is to be a woman. Style of Man is one of the first establishments to take men out of the barbershop and women’s salons to give you all a place of your own. The business prides itself on minimum wait time, a tranquil atmosphere, and great haircuts with a personal touch. Kathy, the founder, strives to have the customer looking good and feeling confident when they leave. From her training in London, she learned that a “good haircut” is not always the “right” haircut. She believes that every customer is unique and every haircut should suit his characteristics, personality and lifestyle. Her approach is a very intelligent one, going on twenty successful years in the business. With manscaping hot on the horizon, there may be hope for them after all. 

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